Krill Oil: Health claims and competitive advantages

European Security Committee has recently approved the daily intake of 3 soft gels of 500 mg Krill oil. This makes possible to reach the amount of 250 mg of omega -3 (EPA + DHA) allowing using the health claim approved by EFSA:

“Maintenance of normal cardiac function”

We take this opportunity to remind you about the main characteristics that distinguish SUPERBA krill oil from fish oil as a superior source of Omega 3.

  1. Superior Efficacy:

    Less amount of krill oil needed to achieve the same physiological effect.

  2. Oil rich in Omega- 3 in phospholipid form:

    Higher bioavailability of EPA and DHA than other sources of Omega 3

  3. Clinical studies:

    Higher efficiency compared to fish oil, better absorption clinically proven.

  4. Contains Astaxanthin:

    Powerful antioxidant that ensures the stability of the oil.

  5. Single source:

    Only from Euphausia superba.

  6. No fishy aftertaste:

    Phospholipids unlike triglycerides are soluble, so easily and quickly dissolves in the juices avoiding aftertaste.

  7. Lower contamination:

    The Antarctic waters are the cleanest in the world.

  8. Eco-harvesting certified by the WWF:

    Unique technology to eliminate by-catch of birds, marine mammals and fish ensuring 100% of the harvested is krill.

  9. Sustainability and traceability:

    Fishing control and recording of the exact coordinates that ensure global traceability of the process.

  10. Novel food:

    This rating allows its use in functional foods.

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