Aker BioMarine Launch World’s First Purpose-Built Krill Harvesting Vessel

Named Antarctic Endurance last January 18th at a ceremony in Ålesund, Norway, Aker BioMarine’s one of a kind, energy efficient krill harvesting vessel showcases the very best of Norwegian maritime engineering expertise and innovation.

Constructed by Norwegian shipbuilders at VARD, the naming ceremony and official launch are the culmination of over two years of design, collaboration and construction.

The 130-meter, Norwegian flagged vessel is constructed at a cost of 1,1 billion NOK, or just over 140 million USD, and showcases the strength in-depth of Norway’s maritime cluster.

A custom designed newbuild, rather than an existing supply or trawler vessel with equipment retrofitted to it, Antarctic Endurance is fitted-out with a host of innovative technologies and equipment from a wide variety of Norwegian companies.

Along with reflecting the core operational needs of our business, the new vessel has been meticulously designed and equipped to maximize energy efficiency. Utilizing a number of innovative processes and technologies onboard, the vessel is 30 percent more environmentally efficient, compared to today’s trawlers.


José Manuel González, General Manager of Solchem Nature S.L. has been invited to the opening ceremony and was there sharing the exciting event with our collaborators of Aker Biomarine, where he was able to visit the interior of the ship and meet his crew.

From Solchem we want to wish the Antarctic Endurance great harvests and our partner Aker Biomarine congratulations for the great news.


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