New study published about Hydrocurc’s bioavailability thanks to Lipisperse® technology

The interest in curcumin has recently increased in the nutraceuticals sector, especially in it is use as a joint anti-inflammatory, as well as the protective effects that curcumin provides against many degenerative illnesses.

Curcuminoids are hydrophobic substances and this confers them poor bioavailability, for this reason, when they are delivered orally, high doses are needed in order to obtain a significant efficacy. This has led the market to present different commercial brands of curcumin extract based on methodologies which aim is to increase the bioavailability of it is principle actives.

In this sense, SOLCHEM NATURE SL has launched in the market a soluble curcumin extract under the commercial name of HYDROCURC, obtained through the application of a patented system called LipiSperse®.

LipiSperse® is a novel delivery system that uses dispersion technology to enhance bioavailability of hydrophobic agents. This system has been developed by PHARMAKO laboratories and it is efficacy has been proven in a recent clinical study published and carried out with HYDROCURC.

In addition, PHARMAKO has been awarded as “Start-up of the year” and has been finalist in two categories of the Nutraingredients awards of this year; “Innovation Award” and “Botanical Product of the Year”.

Consequently, please find attached the publication of the clinical study, in which the pharmacokinetics of a concrete curcumin extract commercially available with respect to the administration of HYDROCURC (curcumin-LipiSperse®) have been investigated. The study have shown that the novel delivery system LipiSperse® is safe in humans, and demonstrates superior bioavailability for the supply of curcumin when compared to a standard curcumin extract.

See study: Increased bioavailability of curcumin using a novel dispersion technology system (LipiSperse®)