Testofen® for the management of Andropause conditions in healthy men aged between 40-75 years


An ever more growing interest exists in keeping the quality of life of healthy aging men. Men do not go through the same type of biochemical and hormonal transition as women experience during menopause. However, there are changes in metabolism that are not specifically disease-related but do adversely affect quality of life and have an impact on health and relationships. The combination of conditions, that affect each man differently, are collectively referred as Andropause.

On 2014 Gencor carried out a clinical trial in Australia to evaluate the effects of Testofen® in several andropause conditions according to 3 main fields: somatic, psychological and sexual. For this study, 120 healthy males were selected to receive Testofen® or placebo for 12 weeks. The severity of andropause conditions of participants were evaluated using two questionnaires (AMS questionnaires) as well as serum hormone levels at weeks 0, 6 and 12.

Somatic conditions included, among others, some questions related to the decline in general well-being, joint and muscular pain, increasing need of sleeping and lack of vitality.

In the psychological area, irritability, nervousness, anxiety and depressive mood were evaluated as main conditions.

Finally, the sexual field included questions related to the decrease in ability and frequency to perform sexually, decrease in the number of morning erections, sexual desire and libido.

The results of the clinical trial showed that Testofen® group presented a reduction in andropause conditions when compared to placebo group, as well as an increase in sexual function, arousal and desire. In addition, the Testofen® group increased the total testosterone and free testosterone levels in plasma, that could explain all these improvements.

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